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December 2008



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Dec. 2nd, 2008

cute and innocent (happy)

Essay Four

Obviously sense the last time I posted in this place, I was in a bit of a situation with my school life and not in the greatest of moods. I would like to apologies for my actions, and words, against any one in this city. I ask for only forgiveness which I highly doubt that I will be granted from a few people.

[unhackable\\]  Now that’s taken care of… [//unhackable]

Nii-san! I have my Christmas list ready! :D

Nov. 9th, 2008

explaining (content, bitchy)

Essay Three

Shinra is in a coma or something?

*long pause*

Did anyone ever stop to think that maybe he deserved it? How do we know he’s a mister “goody-to-shoes”, as they call it…I think that’s what it is. His state, or if he’s even alive, doesn’t really bother mean, nor does it make me feel anything for him, he’s just another guy.

I looked at the hospital records, to see if there were other people in the same state as he is, and I recovered a few patients that are in a worse condition then he is and no one is giving two shits about them, poor people, the one lady has a tumor in her brain and it’s said to get worse and she’s to die in the following months. I’ll have to send them a card or free passes to Kaiba Land or something.

Oct. 29th, 2008

chaos(being a brat)

Essay 3

Due to the current new article that I was forced to read more then once during the day, I have taken matters into my own hands with said magazine. Tired of the humiliation of not only me, my family name, and my brother-more importantly- I shut down the computer systems at the magazine. They will not be able to sprout such garbage any more.

Your welcome.

Oct. 28th, 2008

cute and innocent (happy)

Essay Two

[blocked from Seto's master hacking skills.]

The other day I had to take Nii-san’s limo to school. When we got there, he insisted on walking me inside. Of course, I said yes but at the same time I wanted to tell him no. I love my brother and all, but I’m going to be thirteen in a few months and I can do things on my own now. Really. At the same time, I still do those things because I know it makes him happy and he’s hardly ever happy. He’s always busy with work and stuff. He’s needs some friends, even though he wants to differ on the subject of friendship, he needs some. Badly. He managed to scare off some girl, her name started with a T I believe. I’ll have to apologies to her for Nii-san’s behavior.

[blocked from Seto's master hacking skills.]

I’m going to start walking to school from now on. It’s more refreshing and better for the body. Not that showing up in a limo every day wasn’t cool, I just feel like walking now. I feel kind of lazy.

By the way, Halloween is this Friday and I’m being blue-eyes white cartoon dragon :D! Any one wanna go trick-or-treating with me? Nii-san is going to busy with work, I think… <<;;

Oct. 26th, 2008


Essay One

I’m back now! I went away on a field trip with school for a few days for history. We went to Osaka to visit the World War II graves, it was kind sad really. It made me think of how people died in that war. It made me wonder did these people have a family, a brother or sister, a wife or husband to go home? And what happened to them if they did have family waiting for them to come back and they never came home? I’m grateful I have Nii-san, if I didn’t I don’t know what would happen.

But now that I’m in this city, I think I’ll have to transfer to a new middle school, the other one is all the way back in the last city we lived in. Another thing, I’m just happy that we don’t have to worry anymore about that man. And Kaiba Land 2.0 is opening here soon, I’m excited for it. Nii-san, can you get a little bit more creative with the name, I mean really there are so many Kaiba Land’s why not…Mokuba Land 3,000? It would be fun and creative-not to mention how out righteously cool it would make me- plus, it would make you un-dull.

Pleased to meet every one here too, I’m Kaiba Mokuba